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We are a non-profit dedicated to helping others stuck in addiction or those already involved in the recovery community.

Recover Your Life

It only requires you to get out of your comfort zone and reach out to us. We do not charge, nor are we an inpatient treatment facility. We recognize all paths to recovery and all we require, is a heart willing to take the steps to get better!

There is no magic pill or words that cure us from this disease. Our method centers around a coaching model, which means being actively involved in recovery is essential. Meet our Coaches below, listen to their stories, know you are not alone, and take the next step for the rest of your life.

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Watch many other people that turned their Mess, into their Message! Meet some of our coaches, people that understand you

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At the RCC!

We are located downtown Canon City on 714 1/2 Main St, and are open to all in the recovery community to hang out. It is a safe, sober, and healthy place to be with fun, like-minded people, and a no judgement zone!

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Looking for help? Need a job? Own a business and want to contribute to the recovery community?

  • PERCS/YPR: Meetings Modays and Fridays at 6:00pm. We support all pathways, and are a community of people that care about each other and your recovery

    Address: 714 1/2 Main St

  • Faith Over Fear: - Faith based recovery every Tues. 6pm free dinner and 7pm meeting

    Address: 200 Justice Center Rd.

  • Sisters In Christ: Womans based bible study revolving around the addiction and recover community - Meetings Every Wed at 6:30pm.

    Address: 714 1/2 Main St

  • Never Alone - Families In Recovery: Every Thurs 6:30PM

    Address: EFree Church 3000 E. Main St.